The Benefits of Developmental Screenings for Your Child

As your child gets older and continues to develop, there are some issues that they may run into. Many children struggle with behavioral problems, and this can affect their ability to succeed in school and can affect the way that they learn and interact with others. It’s important that you are able to understand if your child is dealing with a behavioral issue so that accommodations can be made, and your child can get the help that they need. Dr. Kerry Kirifides and Dr. Sonia Shastry at Just Kids Pediatrics in Newark, DE, can explain how developmental screenings can help your child get the tools that they need to be their best self. 

How Developmental Screenings Help Your Child 

When your child is dealing with something like a behavioral problem, it isn’t always easy to identify what the issue might be. It might feel like your child is just acting out or that they aren’t applying themselves when the issue is actually something much more complicated. When you bring your child in for developmental screenings with their pediatrician in Newark, DE, you’re giving your child access to tools that can help them understand what might be going on in their own mind. 

Certain behavioral issues can affect how your child interacts with others and can make it hard for them to pursue hobbies that they may really enjoy. When you bring your child in for a developmental screening, that means that they’ll be able to get the proper treatment that they need to socialize properly and do their best in school. Behavioral issues could start as early as the toddler stage and it’s important that your child understands that there are ways for them to succeed. 

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