Why Developmental Screenings Are Important

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What Is A Developmental Screening?

Some children are affected by developmental delays and disabilities. If those issues are discovered early on, their impact on your child’s life can be minimized.

Developmental screening is supposed to give parents and pediatricians an opportunity to spot any issues as early as possible. Crucially, developmental screening is not a diagnostic tool that confirms any issues that your child may have. Instead, it is a process that allows doctors to determine if a child is developing on schedule.

Even if the screening reveals that your child’s development is delayed, that does not necessarily mean that they are being affected by certain conditions such as autism or deafness. What it does mean is that your child’s development warrants closer scrutiny. Your pediatrician will need to keep closer tabs on your child’s development to determine if early intervention is necessary.

Developmental screening is recommended for children after they reach the age milestones of 9, 18, and 30 months. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends autism spectrum disorder screening for children once they are 18 months of age. Screening for autism is recommended once more after a child reaches their second birthday.

Although developmental screening is recommended during those milestones, you don’t have to wait if you already suspect that your child is being affected by certain issues.

Consult with Dr. Kirifides and Dr. Shastry of Just Kids Pediatrics in Newark, DE to schedule developmental screening for your child.

What to Expect during Your Child’s Developmental Screening Appointment

Heading in for your child’s first developmental screening appointment can be nerve-racking. Learning more about the process can help calm your nerves.

The appointment begins with the parent answering a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes inquiries related to their child’s development.

After filling out the questionnaire, your child’s pediatrician may ask you additional questions pertaining to their development. Try to provide as many details as you can.

At that point, the doctor may perform some tests based on the answers you provided. These tests still mainly consist of questions. There will be no physical tests that are performed during the developmental screening.

The pediatrician will then evaluate the results of the screening. If your child is lagging behind their peers in terms of development, the pediatrician may ask you to bring them back for further evaluation. They may also ask you to keep a closer eye on your child’s development after you return home.

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