Understanding Pediatric/Child Nutritional Counseling

Our pediatricians can help guide your child toward a healthier diet and lifestyle.

It can be challenging to get your child to eat healthily. Of course, we know that our diet is where we get most of our nutrients, so it’s vital that kids are eating a varied, balanced and whole food diet. This is where our pediatricians, Dr. Kerry Kirifides and Dr. Bonni Field, come in. If you’re having trouble getting your child all the nutrients and minerals they need from diet alone, or if you’re concerned about their weight, our Newark, DE, pediatricians provide nutritional counseling for children and teens.

Nutritional Services We Offer

Our pediatricians have had years of schooling and training on top of years providing care to children and teens throughout the Newark, DE, area. We understand that nutritional counseling may be necessary for some children. After all, children need certain nutrients to grow up healthy and strong, and their diet is a massive part of that. Through nutritional counseling, we can,

  • Determine your child’s unique nutritional needs
  • Determine if your child requires supplementation
  • Detect food allergies or sensitivity and provide safe alternatives
  • Make recommendations regarding a specific diet your child should be adhering to
  • Provide education, support and counseling to help you and your child better understand their nutritional needs and health goals

Can My Child Benefit from Nutritional Counseling 

We know that all parents will have questions about their child’s health and diet at one point or another. We all know that eating healthy and regular exercise is vital to maintaining good health and a healthy weight. While not all children will need to turn to our pediatricians for nutritional counseling, here’s when you may want to consider it,

  • Your child is a picky eater
  • They have troublesome eating habits or patterns
  • Your child is showing signs of nutritional deficiencies
  • They refuse to consume water or aren’t getting enough water
  • They are overweight or obese
  • They are struggling to gain weight
  • They have certain disorders or conditions that may benefit from a unique or special diet
  • They are dealing with health problems as a result of nutritional problems

Our Newark, DE, pediatric team can help you address weight problems and picky eating with nutritional counseling customized to your child’s unique needs. To schedule a nutritional counseling session with our team, call Just Kids Pediatrics at (302) 918-6400.